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In-visible Landscape

In-visible Landscape

By Cliff Makhoul

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Artwork by Cliff Makhoul.

Archival Pigment Print on Fine Art Paper Mounted on Aluminum
42 x 52.5 cm, 2023

In the realm of the unseen, the intangible finds its form. In an invisible landscape, what's hidden from the eye materializes. It consists of "what could have been" rather than concrete reality.

In this work, the landscape witnesses the events that unfolded during the October 2019 revolution in Lebanon.

Only traces remain on the ground, a shy and unnoticeable evidence. Yet, it’s there to stay, reminiscent of the uprisings that had kindled our spirits, unyielding and determined to hold on.

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About Cliff Makhoul

Cliff Makhoul (b.1983) is a Beirut-based photographer. He holds a BA in photography from the University of Holy Spirit-Kaslik. Besides being a concert and architecture photographer, he is currently a Part-Time Faculty at Notre Dame University - Louaizé-Lebanon.

His work about the revolution was exhibited in the “October 17, 2019” exhibition at Janine Rubeiz Gallery. It was also published in “Koullouna Lil Watan - Thawrat 17 Techrin”. Makhoul’s work was also published as part of “The Beirut Call,” a book by Nabad by Dar al-Kalima University College of Arts and Culture.

His Latest work, ‘DevaL.L.uation’, a collaboration with photographer Noel Nasr, was exhibited at Gallerie Tanit as part of their group show Togetherness in 2021 and as a solo show at Takeover in 2023. ‘DevaL.L.uation’ was also published in part by Rusted Radishes in issue 10: Money.

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