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Fish Seller I & II

Fish Seller I & II

Artwork by Merheb Merheb
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Artworks by Merheb Merheb.

Mixed Media on Canvas (Papers, Acrylic, Charcoal)
100 x 80 cm each, 2023.

2070$ for each artwork or 4140$ for both.

The two paintings present a person from the public, a fish seller, who grates and cleans the fish. In tremendous psychological pressure and delusion, he furiously cuts the fish, not caring about spreading blood and dirt everywhere, and works while his thoughts are elsewhere. The situation is similar to the problem we are experiencing in Lebanon, of neglecting responsibility and treating people like fish, with no value for their lives or existence. The numbers are events in the character's past that he thinks about.

These paintings were drawn from numerous sketches directly at the seller's workplace.

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