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Crochet Backpack Keychain

Crochet Backpack Keychain

By Nana Tricot
In Clothing & Accessories

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Features:   Handmade  Unique Piece 
Materials:   Cotton 
Art technique:   Knitting  Crochet 
Net Weight (kg):  0.1
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About Nana Tricot

Najwa Khairallah Abdelnour, also known as Nana Tricot, is a master of knitting and crochet, creating unique pieces that range from scarves and decorative items to coasters. Her specialties include charming cotton crochet backpack keychains and delightful pencil toppers, appealing to all ages. With a long-standing experience in retail in Lebanon, Najwa has honed her craft to perfection, producing handmade items that blend functionality with artistic flair.