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Angel Wings

Angel Wings

By Sarah Haidar

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Acrylic on Canvas

40 x 60 cm

"Angel Wings'' is about angels who encourage us by guiding us on a path that will lead to happiness and hope. I drew it as a woman to show that behind every great success is a woman's heart and for me, my angel, my backbone, is my mother who helped and continues to encourage me in every step.

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About Sarah Haidar

"I am Sarah Haidar, a Lebanese interior designer with a passion for art since I was young. I admired art and everything with a sense of creativity. My parents noticed my love, helped, and encouraged me in every step. For this reason, I chose my major in interior design where I felt I could practice my creativity and love of art because creativity takes courage.

During this period, I practiced painting at home, self-taught, as a hobby where I expressed all my feelings whether it was good or bad using brush strokes on canvas.

My dream is to open a gallery one day and exhibit all my paintings and collect other paintings to show people the importance of art and how it can change life and community and a place to inspire others as Salvador Dali said: "A true artist is not inspired but one who inspires others."