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Artwork by Zahraa Sbaiti
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Oil Paint on Wood Panel

20 x 25 cm

Considering a doll is not simply an impersonal play object, it becomes the
holder’s natural and trustworthy guide in daily life. The holder becomes attached to their dolls and shares a strong fondness. A doll is given a name and an identity of its own. Therefore my work holds a visual representation in which the figurative center of art is adopted.

For me, the representational subject matter is important and the simple pictorial elements of hue, texture, form, and composition become the source of originality. Painting the doll’s face realistically is very important; so that the audience can have a sense of feel and comprehension of it.

Both expression and beauty in the art are central. Art always functions as a
“counter-environment” created to make visible what is usually invisible about a society

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