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Al Ajni7ah al Moutakassirah - I

Al Ajni7ah al Moutakassirah - I

Artwork by Nada Raphael
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Artwork by Nada Raphael.

40 x 60 cm (framed)

Resilience is often thought of as purely human. Blast, floods, earthquakes, wars,... but we don't hold a monopoly on pain, loss, and resilience.

These prey birds were passing through Lebanon's sky. But savage hunting habits changed their paths forever, keeping them in cages in a sanctuary.

From wild and free birds, they became examples of how wildlife is resilient and adapts to a life dependent on humans.

With Broken Wings, they are forever grounded. They will never again take to the skies. Because of toxic masculinity, ignorance, and blind, stupid violence, I thought shooting passing birds would be fun.

So they fell from the highest skies to be rescued, their wounds tended, but never completely healed. They now depend on those who care enough to have created a sanctuary for them at an undisclosed location.

Their lives have changed forever, yet they continue to live, create bonds with their caretakers, and keep trying to fly...

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