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A Red Winter I, II & III

A Red Winter I, II & III

Artwork by Ziad Jreige
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Artworks by Ziad Jreige.

Acrylic on Linen
7 x 7cm (Canvas), 12.5 x 12.5 x 2cm (Framed), 2023

98$ for each artwork or 295$ for all

Winter seasons have always been associated with hardship, whether through harsh weather conditions and accentuated health issues or through financially demanding lifestyles and attenuated social interaction.

The dark side of winter is far more damaging in countries of war and natural disasters. The inhabitants of those countries face winters with much heavier loads, leading to death, homelessness, civil conflicts, and economic struggle.

However, we are called to fight, persevere, and push through adversity and pain for the love of life and togetherness. For the love of land and justice, we are consecrated to withstand the harsh winter and make it to the spring, even though our hearts will be full of scars and our hands filled with bulging veins.

In this series, blue represents the chilling, dim, and harsh conditions of winter, and white is the negative space that stays out of perception by struggling individuals. On the other hand, red is the vascular web of life, which - full of boiling blood- cuts through the dull freezing and beats towards vivid spring.

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