Art under $100: A Merry Celebration of Local Creatives in Lebanon

Art under $100: A Merry Celebration of Local Creatives in Lebanon

The festive spirit wasn't limited to twinkle lights and gingerbread houses on December 15th and 16th, 2023. Kulturnest, Beirut's new cultural playground, hosted a unique Christmas market with a heartwarming twist: Art under $100.

This wasn't your average holiday shopping spree. It was a vibrant celebration of local talent, a showcase of diverse artistic voices, and a passionate plea for democratizing art in Lebanon. More than just a market, it was a community coming together, a shared love for beautiful things, and a resounding message of support for the creative heartbeat of our nation.

Stepping into Kulturnest was like stepping into a magical wonderland. Paintings danced on the walls, ceramics whispered stories, and handcrafted jewelry glittered under the twinkling lights. Over 30 local artists and artisans had meticulously curated their creations, offering a treasure trove of artistic delights, all within the reach of everyday budgets.

But Art under $100 wasn't just about affordable art. It was about accessibility, inclusivity, and breaking down the barriers that often make art feel like an exclusive luxury. This market was a warm welcome for every art enthusiast, every budding collector, and every person who finds joy in the beauty of something handmade, unique, and imbued with the soul of a local artist.

In Lebanon, where socio-political & economic challenges and uncertainties cast long shadows, supporting local artists takes on added significance. It's not just about buying a beautiful painting or a quirky mug; it's about investing in the dreams and talents of our neighbors, our friends, and the people who weave the very fabric of our cultural identity. It's about nurturing their creativity, ensuring that the fire of artistic expression continues to burn bright, and ultimately, building a stronger, more vibrant creative community.

Art under $100 may have wrapped up for this year, but its vibrant spirit lingers. It reminds us that art is not a privilege reserved for the elite; it's a language everyone can speak, a joy everyone can share. It's a reminder that even a small gesture of support, like buying a painting, a necklace, or a handmade notebook, can make a world of difference for a local artist.

Let's keep the creative fires burning, one affordable art piece at a time.

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