Open Call: "Urban Canvas" Hybrid Collective Art Exhibition - Exploring Identity in Shapeshifting Cities -

Open Call: "Urban Canvas" Hybrid Collective Art Exhibition - Exploring Identity in Shapeshifting Cities -

Kulturnest is excited to launch an open call for a hybrid collective exhibition exploring the theme of Identity in Shapeshifting Cities. We invite artists of all disciplines – painters, sculptors, illustrators, graphic designers, graffiti artists, photographers, filmmakers, installation artists, digital artists, performance artists, and more – to join us in a vibrant exploration of how our identities evolve alongside our ever-changing urban landscapes.


The exhibition will be on display from September 20th, 2024, until November 20th, 2024, both in Kulturnest's physical space at Sin-el-Fil, Lebanon, and as a virtual exhibition.

CONCEPT: Shifting Tides, Shifting Identities

Our cities are dynamic entities, constantly adapting to the forces of war, crisis, environmental change, migration, social movements, and the evolution of technology. This fluidity extends to the essence of who we are, as individuals and communities. This exhibition seeks to capture this sense of evolving identity within the ever-shifting urban sphere.

We are interested in diverse artistic perspectives that address these themes and more:

  • War, Crises, and Resistance: How do these events impact our sense of belonging in urban environments? How do artists document the resilience and spirit of communities during times of hardship?
  • Environmental Change and Sustainability: How are artists forging new narratives around the future of our cities in a changing climate? What artistic responses explore themes of urban planning, green spaces, and sustainable living?
  • Migration and Displacement: What are the artistic responses to the movement of people within and across cities? How do artists explore the challenges and opportunities of cultural exchange in urban settings?
  • Gender Fluidity and Urban Space: How are artists reclaiming and redefining urban spaces for all identities? What artistic interventions challenge traditional notions of public space and belonging?
  • Consumerism and Urban Form: How does the influence of consumer culture shape our sense of self within the city? What artistic expressions explore issues of mass production, waste, and the impact on urban built environments?
  • Technological Advancements and the City: How are artists addressing the impact of technology on urban landscapes? What artistic responses explore themes of smart cities, surveillance, and the digital divide?
  • Public Memory and Urban Renewal: How do artists engage with the past and present of their city through their work? What artistic responses explore themes of gentrification, historical preservation, and the evolution of neighborhoods?


Mark your calendars for the opening day of the exhibition on Friday, September 20th, 2024! As selected artists, you could be part of:

Live Mural Painting.
Live Music Performances.
Live Drawing/Painting.


We are committed to showcasing the work of artists both within Lebanon and internationally. All selected artists will have their profiles featured in the exhibition's online catalog, and their artworks displayed for sale on our online shop/gallery for an indefinite period. Artworks will also be displayed in a 3D virtual exhibition.


On opening day, visitors will have the opportunity to interact with artists and to vote for their favorite artwork/artist through a People's Choice Award.


We encourage artists of all backgrounds to submit their applications! Please submit your application package to by July 15, 2024. Your email should be entitled "URBAN CANVAS APPLICATION" and your application package should include:

*Artist Full Name
*Artist Social Media channels (insert URLs, not only usernames)
*Artist WhatsApp number
*Artist Statement (max. 250 words) explaining how your work relates to the theme
*Artist Biography (max. 250 words) - don't send a C.V.
*Up to 5 high-resolution images (not exceeding 1000 x 1000 px, JPG or PNG) of relevant artwork with detailed descriptions (title, art form, dimensions, weight, production year; and content/narrative). For videos: MP4 via WeTransfer.
*Artist photo/portrait (black and white, 1000 x 1000 px)

Don't forget to add your asking prices. We will add our 15% commission on sales.


Once your file is selected, a $50 participation fee will be applied to confirm your participation and to cover exhibition operating and marketing costs.

International Artists: We welcome submissions from artists worldwide! We can feature your artwork in the exhibition's online catalog, our eshop/gallery, and in the virtual exhibition. We can also print the photo of your artwork (not exceeding A3 size) for a fee in addition to the $50 participation fee, so it can be featured physically at Kulturnest. Contact us at for details and printing cost estimates.


If selected, you will receive an email from by July 30, 2024 that includes all details about the next steps, including payment methods. Upon reception of our email, participation fees should be made to confirm it.

Noting that participation fees for artists residing in Lebanon should be paid cash in-person at Kulturnest or by OMT/Western Union by August 10, 2024.

For international artists, payment should be made by Western Union by August 10 to confirm your participation.

Kulturnest is committed to fostering artistic expression and community connection. We look forward to receiving your submissions and exploring the multifaceted stories of our ever-evolving urban world!

For application inquiries and details, please contact Dr. Pamela Chrabieh at +9613008245.

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