Empowering Change: Reflecting on DAK NGO "Culture and Digital Transformation" Workshop

Empowering Change: Reflecting on DAK NGO "Culture and Digital Transformation" Workshop

At Kulturnest in Sin-el-Fil, Lebanon, we recently had the pleasure of hosting an enlightening workshop on culture and digital transformation.

This event was made possible through the collaborative efforts of Dar al-Kalima NGO for Arts and Culture (dak.ngo), CAFCAW/Dar al-Kalima University, and our team.

Our journey commenced with a thought-provoking online intervention led by Mr. Cyril Badaoui, lawyer and expert in activism and digital transformation. In a world reshaped by the digital era, activists face both unprecedented possibilities and intricate challenges. Cyril guided us through a comprehensive exploration of how digital transformation impacts activism, offering insights into the tools and platforms that redefine the landscape of activist engagement. We delved into topics such as the delicate balance between privacy and security, the proliferation of misleading information, and the nuances of virtual activism. The digital realm, as we discovered, holds the power to magnify and diffuse the impact of activism simultaneously.

After a well-deserved coffee break, we dived into Session 1 with Mrs. Gaia Maria Noujeim and Mr. Wael Jupiter Bou Zerdan from the Minalshaab group, who shed light on the captivating fusion of art, culture, and digital transformation in society. This session unraveled the historical context and the significance of art in societal development, especially during turbulent times. We explored the potential of digital transformation to amplify artistic ideas and addressed the role of social media in arts integration. Practical guidance on utilizing Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) for home recording and digital art creation emphasized adaptability in a do-it-yourself environment.

Ms. Nada Raphael (co-founder of Tourleb) led Session 2, where we unlocked the power of storytelling in the digital age. Storytelling, an age-old tradition, remains as crucial today as ever. Nada revealed how storytelling can create a bond between art, the artist, and the audience, making one's work online more powerful and unique. Participants learned the art of telling their stories, selling their art, and effectively connecting with their audience to stand out in the digital landscape.

As we paused for lunch, participants shared their experiences and reflections, setting the stage for Session 3. Ms. Manar Ali Hassan - visual artist/graphic designer & art curator - guided us through an exploration of AI-generated art, its creation, ethics, and engagement. In this session, we dabbled in diverse AI algorithms employed in art creation, confronting ethical considerations, including copyright concerns and potential biases within AI. Engaging discussions and debates enriched our understanding of the challenges and responsibilities associated with AI-generated art.

The workshop ended with a concluding session in which participants shared their learning experience and recommendations to move forward.

To all our remarkable participants, we extend our heartfelt thanks for making this workshop extraordinary. Your curiosity and engagement were the driving force behind our shared learning experience.

A special shout-out to our outstanding speakers and trainers who ignited inspiring discussions and fueled fresh ideas.

Our journey into the realms of culture and digital transformation has only just begun.

Stay tuned for more enriching experiences as we explore, learn, and thrive together in the world of arts and culture.

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