Dive into Electrochocks & Kulturnest Cine Club

Dive into Electrochocks & Kulturnest Cine Club

Last night's Electrochocks & Kulturnest 1st Cine Club session was a sensory spectacle, exploding with laughter, tears, lively discussions, and a deep dive into Indian and Lebanese cultural connections! Huge thanks to everyone who joined us for the electrifying screening of "Black."

A special shoutout to the amazing Nada Raphael! Her passion, cinematic insights, and witty commentary unlocked the film's depths, weaving a bridge between cultures with humor and heart.

Feeling the FOMO? Don't fret! Our next cine adventures are just around the corner:

February 8th: Buckle up for an unforgettable ride!
February 22nd: Get ready for another cinematic masterpiece!

Further information is found HERE!

Seats are limited, so reserve yours now by calling +9613008245. Don't miss out on the magic!

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