Art Her Way - Call for Participation

Art Her Way - Call for Participation

Hybrid Collective Exhibition at Kulturnest, Lebanon


Beyond barriers, beyond borders, beyond expectations, let her story unfold through art.

Join us at Kulturnest for Art Her Way, a groundbreaking hybrid collective art exhibition celebrating women's rights, gender equality, and empowerment. This isn't just a showcase, it's a declaration. A vibrant tapestry woven from diverse perspectives, mediums, and voices, echoing the powerful theme of the 2024 International Women's Day: Invest in Women. Accelerate Progress.

Why Art Her Way?

  • Double the Exposure with a Hybrid Exhibition: Experience the best of both worlds! Your masterpiece shines in our physical cultural space and a captivating virtual space, reaching art enthusiasts worldwide. Imagine your art transcending physical boundaries and sparking conversations across the globe!
  • A Theme Resonant with Lebanon and Southwestern Asia/North Africa: Contribute to local and regional conversations, shedding light on women's unique challenges and triumphs in our region. Your art has the power to ignite change and inspire progress.
  • Championing Diversity at Kulturnest: We believe art is a universal language that transcends backgrounds and identities. Become part of a movement fostering inclusivity and amplifying marginalized perspectives in the art world.
  • Your Medium, Your Voice: From paint to pixels, sculpture to sound, express yourself freely. This exhibition welcomes all artistic languages and celebrates your unique creative vision. Let your art be a canvas for her story.
  • A Smooth Path to Participation: Easy-to-follow application process, clear instructions, and a friendly team await you. Join us in making Art Her Way a reality!

More than an exhibition, Art Her Way is a movement. It's about showcasing the undeniable power of women and amplifying their voices through the captivating lens of art. It's about investing in their dreams, breaking down barriers, and redefining progress.

Join us. Apply now. Let your art pave the way for a brighter future, where every woman can create, flourish, and be counted in.

Key Details:

  • Location: Kulturnest, Sin-el-Fil, Lebanon & Metaverse (hybrid exhibition) - artists residing outside Lebanon can only apply for the virtual exhibition.
  • Opening Night: March 8, 2024 (7-10 pm).
  • Exhibition Duration: 2 months.
  • Application Deadline - CLICK ON THIS LINK and fill out/submit the form by January 25, 2024.
  • Selection Results by email ( February 5, 2024.
  • 50$ Participation fees (only for Selected Participants): by February 10, 2024. Payment methods: OMT or in person for Lebanon; bank transfer or PayPal internationally.
  • Media: All traditional & digital art forms are accepted. One to three artworks can be submitted, as long as they are part of the same collection. Dimensions of physical canvases cannot exceed 150 x 150 cm. Physical sculptures and installations should be waterproof as they will be displayed in the garden.

Let's Art Her Way. Let's Count Her In. Let's create a future where her potential knows no bounds.

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